Perhaps leaving us as primates would have been better

Or “already evolving” primates. Aliens just sped up the evolution. Might have been a mistake, apparently they’ve remade us multiple times. And apparently we are going extinct. They probably won’t remake us again. Their experiment will apparently be a failure. There’d be no point in creating life, if they were just going to control us and make us do what they want. Now if bad Aliens made us, they might enjoy controlling our bodies and making us do stuff. While your life essence is trapped in the body. But then Aliens that are against doing stuff like that, would probably stop them.

How will we go extinct? By killing ourselves? Or will they have to wipe us out because we will become a threat to other life on other planets?

Oh wait, somebody said Aliens told them we are going sterile like them. So it could be that too. So perhaps we will stop killing ourselves, and not become a threat, but will just go sterile. Unfortunately I won’t live long enough to find out. I could reincarnate though.

Would be kind of sad, if humans go extinct in my life time. That would seem to suggest either killing ourselves, or getting wiped out. Because there’s a lot of younger then me people in the world.

Well, a natural disaster could wipe us out too. There’s supposedly some super novas coming. Or at least one coming. Two sun events coming. One that can wipe out electronics, then the next one can wipe us out.