Everybody Poops

I learned that the hard way. She was face sitting on me. I found her second hole, and she warned me about it, but I said “Whatever women don’t poop”. Then I got a mouthful of shit. I won’t be doing that again.

She didn’t want my tongue in her pussy after that. Not like it would do much good, my dick went flaccid after getting a mouthful of shit. When I stood up, my dick fell off, and so did the tumors under it. I’ve been needing to tell the doctor about the tumors under my pee stick, but they fell off, so don’t need to anymore.

She put the dick and tumors in her freezer as a trophy. To remind her I used to have a dick and tumors under it. But she broke up with me, because I finally got a job, at the Bunny Ranch. I was too busy to answer the phone. She couldn’t find me anywhere, because I was in Nevada. Some horny guy drove me there. I also sound like a woman now, he paid for voice surgery, and facial surgery. And laser hair removal surgery, even on my head. For some reason at the Bunny Ranch they make me wear a wig.