You can use AMDGPU Pro with just Wurm Online

At least with Arch based distros. Install amdgpu-pro-libgl and lib32-amdgpu-pro-libgl from the AUR.

Not sure that’ll fix my stuttering problem, the FPS was less when I first opened the game. Not sure they still recommend the Pro driver. The post I read might have been from 2020.

To launch it with the Pro driver, put progl before the command.

progl /media/fast_games/wurm-launcher/WurmLauncher $1

The $1 is because I launch using Lutris, and it is passing “-c” to the script. Putting “progl /media/fast_games/wurm-launcher/WurmLauncher” in the executable box, in Lutris, doesn’t work.

Need to reboot, to see if it switches to the Pro driver, if so I need to remove the Pro driver. The Wiki says something about having to remove the driver, or it’ll use the Pro driver when you reboot, that might be old info though.

It’s still using the open source driver after rebooting. So the Wiki is outdated, or hard to understand.

Now are Steam games using the open source Vulkan or the closed source one? Cause I should switch it to the open source one if it’s using the Pro one, might make games run better. I have the Pro Vulkan installed, but I think you have to specify it to run with it. It’s installed, so it’s probably using the open source one.

I don’t think the Pro Vulkan driver would be any better. I have it installed, but not sure why, I think the Pro OpenCL needs it. But I might have tried using the Pro Vulkan for something else, I don’t recall.