Jesus was/is an Alien?

Did you see Ancient Aliens last night? He might have been in a craft, with a warp bubble, or whatever they call it. Which NASA has proven is possible. Some guy theorized it in 1994 I think.

But they might have figured it out by reverse engineering Alien craft.

They claimed there’s a bubble around Jesus in drawings of him ascending.

Couldn’t God just transfer him anywhere without tech?

So Marry may have been abducted by Aliens, who most likely artificially made her pregnant. That is pregnant without any sex.

But how did they make Jesus capable of all the miracles people claimed he did?

So if Jesus is an Alien, what is God? God must exist, because love, and souls/life essence wouldn’t make sense otherwise. If God doesn’t exist, then something is just randomly spitting out souls. Which makes no sense.

Haha, God doesn’t even get involved when Aliens make us believe they are Gods. When in fact, they are Aliens. Apparently getting everybody to believe in the real God, isn’t easy. They kind of screwed up, by making us believe Aliens are Gods.

Now can they make a man pregnant? I’m asking for a friend. They want to be the first cis man to get pregnant.