E-M1 Mark II

Can’t get it for $543.99, it’s sold out. Not too much more then I paid for my E-M5 Mark II. I think it was $400. The E-M5 Mark II is only $287.99. Maybe I should get a backup, that’s less than I paid.

Those are the refurbished prices.

Bummer. Better off waiting and buying the new GH6 or OM-1 or whatever it’s called. The GH6 would be overkill, and I wouldn’t need my iPhone for video anymore.

Nice somebody paid more then that price for the E-M5 Mark II. So I got lucky, for getting it for $400. I think I only paid half, so $200 for me.

Maybe by the time I have 3k, there will be a cheaper camera with a better sensor, probably not though. Just buy some lenses instead, the E-M5 Mark II is fine. Tempting to buy another one. But I can’t spend anymore money this month. The sale will be long over.