Another bargain lens

The Meike 35mm F1.4 lens for micro 4/3, is another bargain lens. My two favorite lenses are manual now. Glad I took a chance and bought this cheap lens, the first lens from that brand I bought was defective, this one is fine. I sent the defective one back and bought something else. Maybe I should have got a replacement.

Yeah you don’t need a flash, but if you are hand holding, don’t use A mode, use S mode. And change the shutter speed. Otherwise it will be blurry, unless you use a tripod, or don’t shake or move at all. Now I just have to remember to change it to A mode if I’m using a flash.

The flash is useless at F1.4 and F2.8, if the subject is close. It kills the entire picture, even at the lowest flash power.

It was cheaper than my Laowa 17mm. It’s sharp enough for me.

I want to take dog photos now. Photos of RC cars aren’t great at F2.8 or less, less being F1.4. One wheel isn’t in focus, or has bokeh. I might try stepping down to F4 or more, and see if the flash works then.

Easy to focus, thought it was going to be hard to focus at F1.4, that isn’t the case. If it’s blurry, it’s more likely because of the shutter speed and me shaking. The camera has stabilization, but I might shake too much. It’s an Olympus E-M5 Mark II, so not the newest one. The newer cameras might have better stabilization.

Photos of heads would probably be fine at F1.4 or F2.8.

Hmm, one photo all wheels are in focus, so the other one is just too dark. Good idea, use the flash and the same shutter speed, problem possibly solved. All photos are F1.4 or F2.8, or should be, that I took.

Meike 35mm F1.4 lens taken with Olympus E-M5 Mark II (Images should be F1.4 and F2.8)

Why is the pub mix not in sharp near the top of it? But farther down sharper.

Oh and I’m lucky the UV filter didn’t get busted, it fell on the floor. I opened it to see if I needed scissors, then thought I closed it all the way. Picked it up, and it opened, and the UV filter fell on the floor. Would have been ironic if it broke. I bought it to protect the lens.

There might be dust on the lens somehow, probably from the dusty apartment. Don’t think it’s on the UV filter. Only one little speck. Too lazy to get rid of it.

The only downside is the caps suck, the rear cap falls off easily, and the other cap can come off easily as well.

The camera’s time is wrong, I may or may not ever fix that. I don’t mind it saying 9 hours ago.

Took a long time to figure out how to change the shutter speed, I had to move a level on the camera. I was changing the ISO and white balance, nothing was changing the shutter speed. No idea why that level was down, probably on accident.

Had to change the batteries in flash finally, put high capacity batteries in it, the ones I bought around Christmas time. The damn flash wasn’t firing, clicked the test button on the flash itself, and it had a battery thing popup on it. Is that what a blinking flash icon on the camera means? I thought it was loose.