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Woke up around 5 AM

And my watch was on my pillow. No idea why I took it off and put it on the pillow. Hard to believe it “fell” off. I obviously fell back a sleep after finding my watch.

When I woke up, there was a thought about my watch, like I forgot to put it on.

I have no idea why a spirit would remove it. So maybe I should put a camera in there, to see what the fuck I do while sleeping.

Maybe I was abducted by Aliens, and they couldn’t get it back on, or didn’t want to wake me up yet. It’s possible if they put it back on, if they can, I’d wake up. Waking up in my own bed is fine though.

That means if I was abducted, they don’t trust me, that is not to completely freak out. That might be the case, I might completely freak out, if I see an Alien. You can believe Aliens exist, that doesn’t mean they won’t freak you out.

Too bad they didn’t fix my gallbladder. They might just be seeing what went wrong with my body or container as they call it.

The most likely, is I took it off for some reason, while sleeping. I might be too dangerous to abduct. Even when sleeping.