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Apparently that works with AMD GPUs. It’s a “Host for Moonlight Streaming Client”. There’s a Moonlight client for the Apple TV.

So if it actually works, you might not need to do workarounds to get audio to not crackle, like with Steam. No idea why Valve hasn’t fixed this bug yet. That bug is on my start page in Firefox, I check it everyday. Still not fixed.

I might be too lazy to install Sunshine though. Not sure it’ll actually work with AMD. Somebody claims the CUDA version gets less input latency or something. If that’s the case, you still need NVIDIA, no thanks.


I need to change my username on this site to ass_bot, to satisfy the bots trying to login to my site.

Does it work over the internet with a 10 Mbps upload speed? Comcast won’t give me more than that. And that is working securely.