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She believes that but not Aliens

Conspiracy theories about the US government. Like the fighting between republicans and democrats is for theater. They both actually want the same thing, according to her.

Sure they do, that’s why the Democrats are investigating Trump, and the republicans won’t cooperate. If they wanted the same thing, there’d be no investigation of January 6th.

At least Aliens are real. It’s obvious. Why would God only create humans? Well, God didn’t create humans, maybe the life essence. But not the container. Be pretty foolish to only create one life form. Especially considering how horrible humans are.

Aliens and God can coexist. Well, not according to religious people.

Damn this water bottle might need to be cleaned too. Either that, or the water tastes funny, I tested the water, and it said 000. Going to use one bottle for Gatorade and one for water, cause I’m too lazy to clean the bottle after drinking Gatorade, rinsing it out isn’t good enough.