That could be an even better solution, I reinstalled NoMachine on my Mac mini, so I can use it remotely instead of the desktop. Might have crashed, it can’t find the Mac mini anymore.

Or the firewall is blocking it.

Problem with Steam streaming, is sometimes the quality gets horrible. And doesn’t make sense using it on the Mac mini. On the TV, or when not at home, would make sense.

Probably won’t use the mini for browsing anymore, it only has 8 GB of RAM, and Firefox makes it use around 6 GB. Thanks Apple, for making it come with only 8 GB of RAM. It was more space, or more RAM, I picked space.

Didn’t crash, Mac mini was most likely sleeping. Could disable that, but I’m lazy.

Works on my phone too, if I connect to my VPN. Need to disable the thing on router that is rebroadcasting stuff onto the WiFi VLAN. Not really usable on an iPhone 13 mini, so I deleted the app. Maybe on an iPad, if you connect a mouse.

The text in Wurm Online isn’t blurry anymore. And streaming makes it look way worse. Maybe Steam isn’t great for streaming @ 1440p. Might be acceptable over the internet.