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Need a Psensor alternative

It doesn’t work in Wayland. That is you can’t minimize it to the system tray.

Does Wurm Online even work in Wayland? I want to see if the stuttering is gone in Wayland with Wurm Online. But I need Psensor, to show me what the max CPU temperature is. It’ll keep track of the temperatures as long as it’s running, so you can see how high games make it. Or compiling the kernel on the performance CPU governor.

I could make a script to accomplish the same thing, but I’m lazy.

Wurm Online might only drop to around 60 FPS now, but if it’s over 90 FPS, and drops down to around 60, there’s massive stuttering. Might be a feature of the Linux version.

XSensors is a horrible alternative, just shows the current temperature, and doesn’t run in the background.

So basically, there’s no alternative. Stuck with X until it either is updated, or somebody makes an alternative. Does Conky show the max temperature? Not exactly what I want, I don’t care if it’s on the desktop, it’s own window is fine. That might not work with Wayland. Might work with XWayland. No idea how that would work though.

Nope, don’t think Conky shows max temperature. And if you search, DuckDuckGo is clueless to what you searched for, so I gave up. Search engines are pretty much useless.

Good idea, write my own Psensor alternative using Gambas, and don’t release it. Problem solved for me, but not anybody else, that’s assuming it’ll work in Wayland. Just log the temperature to a file, and sort the numbers, and display the max one as the max temperature. Or write a script to log to a file, and look in the thousands of lines for the max temperature.

Either solution is too much work. I’ll keep using the ancient X. And insecure X.