All Fake News had on Biden, is that he eats “amid” multiple crises. Haha, Fake News, Aka Fox News, can’t even get a real news story. How does that make anybody look bad? They are desperate.

Trump is eating too, so get your head out of Uranus.

Glad I don’t watch Fake News.

Actually, I don’t think I should watch any news. None of them mention Aliens. That’s a far bigger story then anything else. But some humans just want us to be the only life for some unknown reason. You really think God would make just one species? When there’s multiple universes and dimensions? Well, God didn’t entirely make us, our DNA got modified by Aliens. Not sure if Aliens planted the seed here, possibly.

You just have to live till 2030 or so, and the truth that Aliens exist might be revealed, except a bunch of people already know Aliens exist. It’ll be a shocker to we are the only life in existence people.

Not like them revealing anything will matter, supposedly it will be a super state with fascism and communism. So with any luck, I won’t be alive when that happens. Or I’ll get even luckier, and that was disinformation. You don’t get human rights with fascism. So this blog won’t exist anymore. I’ll be executed for not liking fascism.