How to slow your site to a crawl

Switch from Textpattern to WordPress.

My custom Ruby on Rails site was faster, and I don’t know what I’m doing.

It got slower after re-importing the old posts, so now there’s over 7,000 posts.

The caching plugin isn’t configured to cache it for logged in users, should probably change that. Or maybe switch to LiteSpeed, OpenLiteSpeed.

The admin interface is faster then the main site now, well sometimes the main site is fast too. Hold shift down and reload, it might take ages.

Maybe Cloudflare thinks I’m attacking my own site.

Well, it might have been the caching plugin, slowing it down instead of speeding it up. Changed to a different one. The Admin interface can still be slow though.

Use WP-Optimize not the Super Cache or whatever it’s called.

That’s another reason people hate WordPress. Lots of shitty plugins.

And it’s only slow if you login. Apparently the admin interface is slow as fuck. Could be one of the plugins.

Looks like it’s memcached. I just stopped it, and it’s faster. Monit is a dick, it restarted it.

Updating posts might be slow still though. Memcached isn’t the only problem. Nice, I killed Nextcloiud. I undid what I did, and it’s still dead. Had to reinstall the memcached PHP extension. Guess when I removed it, even though it got an error, it still removed it.

The problem is WP-Optimize. Apparently if you have memcached and opcache, that plugin doesn’t work right. It made some posts not load as well, unless you enable the cache for logged in users. I need memcached and opcache for Nextcloud. I didn’t disable the plugin, just the caching. Now to look for a memcached and/or opcache plugin.

Restart Mariadb, now that might have sped it up. I also added =1 after innodb_file_per_table in /etc/my.cnf. No idea why it had no =1 in the file. That was short lived. Updating posts is slow again. Disabled the caching plugin, the third one I tried. Maybe no caching is better.


Maybe that’ll speed it up.

That’s one thing untested, the theme, just enabled the default theme. Nope, updating posts still slow as fuck.

Did it fix itself? Well, updating posts is fine right now. Well, the first update. The second time, slow as fuck.

Disabling the heartbeat might have fixed it. Testing 1 2 3. Yup, that did the trick.

Some stuff is still slow. Probably the Jetpack plugin. And updating posts is slow again. Time to install Query Monitor Plugin. Disabled the heartbeat plugin, don’t think that actually fixed it.

Doesn’t appear to be a query problem. Maybe Cloudflare then.

Might be back to normal. Think it was the related posts thing in Jetpack, probably a bot accessing every post on the site. Even my site not on Cloudflare was being slow. So it’s not Cloudflare.