How to get Steam Big Picture working in Sunshine in Manjaro

The AUR package isn’t doing a good job. It doesn’t copy the apps file you need, and the default config for Steam Big Picture doesn’t work.

This assumes you ran Sunshine already, and possibly configured it and connected. No idea if the sunshine.conf will be copied automatically, or if it’s making a default config when you run Sunshine.

So copy /usr/share/sunshine/apps_linux.json to ~/.config/sunshine/apps.json:

cp /usr/share/sunshine/apps_linux.json ~/.config/sunshine/apps.json

Now you need to add file_apps = apps.json to ~/.config/sunshine/sunshine.conf, I added it to the end of the file.

You can fix the apps.json manually or from the web interface, just delete all the detached commands, it doesn’t work, and put steam-runtime -bigpicture in command. Or use the command they use, but without the setsid and change steam to steam-runtime, no idea if you really need steam-runtime. That’s what’s running when I open it using KDE. Well, I mean it’s opening steam-runtime, didn’t actually look at what process is running, I just clicked edit after searching for Steam in the menu, that’s the command it’s executing. Might be launching just steam after it does something.

cat apps.json 
    "env": {
        "PATH": "$(PATH):$(HOME)\/.local\/bin"
    "apps": [
            "name": "Low Res Desktop",
            "prep-cmd": [
                    "do": "xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080",
                    "undo": "xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1200"
            "name": "Steam BigPicture",
            "output": "steam.txt",
            "cmd": "steam-runtime -bigpicture"

Then just restart Sunshine.

systemctl --user restart sunshine

If you launch it using the default config, you probably get something like “failed to run command gpu-trace”. The error is useless, as looking at steam.txt isn’t very helpful.

Something to do with a detached command, makes Steam not work in Manjaro. Don’t ask me what a detached command is. I even tried adding sleep 5 before running Steam.

I know Steam Big Picture Mode works with Sunshine, because if you stream the desktop, and run “steam-runtime -bigpicture”, it opens just fine.

I need Big Picture for the Apple TV, if I ever install Moonlight on it. Does the Steam Controller work with it? If not, I need a controller that works with it. I’m not unpairing the Xbox controller from the Xbox and using on the Apple TV.

Searching for the error Steam gets, won’t find a solution. Unless you find this.

If you put setsid in the command, it’ll crash Sunshine. I’m too lazy to file a bug report. Not sure it’s a bug.

I won’t tell the AUR packager anything, as I use Manjaro, and Arch Linux people hate Manjaro people. You’ll just get yelled at.

Why not use Steam’s streaming? They refuse to fix this bug. You can do a workaround, but that’s annoying. So screw Valve for not fixing an old ass bug. I’ll just use Sunshine.

I’ll gladly put Moonlight on my Steam Deck, if I live long enough to get it.

Impressive that it works at all, I’m not using a NVIDIA GPU. A budget AMD GPU. Can’t buy a better GPU, they are sold out for retail price.