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How is Channels DVR done detecting commercials for Ancient Aliens already?

Used to take an hour or so. If the show is an hour or so long. Did they change something? Hmm, I just clicked edit commercials, and it actually detected commercials.

Using the GPU now on the Pi? Might have been CPU only before. Or maybe the CPU got faster somehow. Either way, I can watch it sooner now.

They have Smart Commercial Detection for some channels on TVE now.

Yup, it used the Smart Commercial Detection. I use the beta Channels DVR, because it had an issue once, and you needed the beta to fix it. TVE wasn’t working or something. Switching back to the stable version would be a pain, either delete it and reinstall, or wait for check updates to have a newer then currently installed beta stable version.

Surprised a Fake News, aka Fox News viewer, would use Channels DVR.