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Damn it

Missed the beginning of Earthfiles. I tried fast forwarding, but then accidentally clicked live. So I’ll just skip whatever she was saying about her cats.

Thought it was live at 6:30. Was still 6:30 I think when I started watching it.

Apparently if your consciousness is higher, you get to pick your next life, and you can leave your current life at any time.

So how do I get my consciousness higher? That would be a lot of mediating. I won’t pick a next life, I’ll pick to be with Tonka. I assume you can pick to stay dead as well.

Except, some people reincarnate, and it doesn’t appear as though they made the choice. Like they got blown up in a plane or something in a war. And then reincarnated.

So if you don’t get higher consciousness, you get no choice when dead? That’s a bummer. But what are dead humans supposed to reincarnate as if humans go extinct? Guess some other primitive species.