That might be disinformation

That humans existed before, but got wiped out by Aliens for being horrible. Might have said four times. The government does like spreading lies, so they might tell their own people lies too.

Either way, I might have been thinking about that while sleeping. Apparently worried humans including myself are just going to get wiped out.

Which Aliens said that? Cause somebody said one species lies. Possibly the grays.

And why would they want to make hybrids? Seems like a lot of work. Why not just create body containers and transfer souls to it? Then you can look like whatever you want.

Not sure the blondes would let the grays or reptilians wipe us out.

Still don’t get why they want hybrids with humans. And they’ve already made some hybrids. So if they’ve wiped us out because we are horrible, why would they already have hybrids with us? Shouldn’t they wait until we are better to make hybrids? Their story doesn’t add up.

Sounds more like they want to make hybrids, then get rid of us, since they don’t need us anymore. That would make them horrible.