Switch is updated

Not the latest firmware, but the latest Atmosphere. The firmware download site doesn’t have the latest firmware yet. The Switch firmware that was released possibly today, didn’t look at the date on GBAtemp.

You’d need new signature patches anyways for your demos. The signature patch thread on GBAtemp doesn’t say the latest firmware or CFW is supported yet. It works with the newest Atmosphere and firmware 13.1.0.

Installed my two demos and their updates using Goldleaf and NS-USBloader. I had to switch to using the non open source Java, it’s already installed on my desktop, I just ran sudo archlinux-java set java-8-jre/jre, probably is from the AUR. You could also use the full path to that Java. So instead of java -jar /path/to/NS-USBloader use /path/to/java -jar path/to/NS-USBloader. Don’t ask me what the path is to Java. Easier just to change the Java version, then remembering the exact path to the Java that works.

It says something is too old with the OpenJDK I have. Didn’t try the other OpenJDK I have.

Running Java from a terminal is a good idea, if the program freezes or something. Ctrl + c is easier then killing the process. Yes I’m too lazy to type a command, or use a system monitor.

Speaking of a system monitor, I have over 20 TB of space, using 14 TB. Not all on one drive or mount. So two 14 TB drives is enough? Ha, you need a backup, if you use one for a backup, that means no space for anything new. And it might not be exactly 14 TB I’m using, and the drive won’t have 14 TB of usable space.

Need more like 4 14 TB drives. Run em both in a RAID 0. RAID isn’t a backup. So no need for RAID 1 or 10 or anything else. I just want 14×2 space. Do they make 28 TB drives? Haha backup drive in RAID 0. They claim RAID isn’t a backup, so why spend the money on more than two drives?

They have 16 TB and 18 TB. You’d only need two of those. If you can find them in stock by a reputable seller, third party sellers on Amazon aren’t reputable.