Thailand UFO group or "cult"

I need to learn to mediate from them. I don’t care about getting messages from Aliens. I want to see if I hear some barking, from Tonka. Or better, get in the deep mediated state, and leave my body.

They hooked a EEG up to one of them mediating, and they went in a really deep mediated state, probably deeper then people generally do.

That was on Expedition X.

Now who wants to fly me to Thailand? And then carry me up the hill? If you don’t want to break your back, I can walk, but you’ll need to bring those heart zappers, so you can zap me when I have a heart attack. If you have a helicopter, you might be able to land on the hill. I’ll tell them I’m here to learn how to mediate. That might not go so good, if somebody flies me in a helicopter to the top of the mountain, and then I get out and say “I’m here to learn to mediate”. They might think we’re the feds, and shutting them down.

Good news, there will be lots of volcano eruptions someday. Actually I don’t recall if they said more then one volcano, or just one. Thought they said every volcano in some path, I forgot the details.

The Aliens could have given bad info. I won’t be able to tell you if I melt if they were right or not.