Switch is almost updated

Updated the CFW and hekate, looks like it just finished updating the emuMMC firmware. I probably won’t play it, just got to keep it updated. In case I ever play it.

Yes I updated the sig patches for my demos. Not sure I needed to update the firmware for the sig patches, I didn’t try opening a game without updating the firmware.

I have too many fucking games on my Switch. I could sell it for more then I paid, you don’t need a mod chip to hack it. Maybe I’ll play it tomorrow, since Fallout 76 is dead. That big update didn’t do Fallout 76 any good.

I should remove the batteries from the controller, it drains batteries when off. So I had to put some different charged rechargeable batteries in it, the voltage on the two batteries was under 1v. That’s what the charger said, when I put them in.