If Aliens can create universes

Does that mean I can create one where females have dicks, and males have pussies? Or make entirely new sex organs. Get rid of the words male and female as well.

If I create a universe, can I destroy it as well? If there is a God, do you get punished if you do that? It seems like God doesn’t actually prevent anything from happening, any race with knowledge, can make universes, not just God.

And she keeps saying you recycle forever. Not sure that’s true either. Tonka didn’t recycle, she comes back to send love.

I can leave my body if I mediate. They’ll just say I went to sleep and died. I can’t mediate anymore though. Probably I’d hear barking while trying to leave my body again. Tonka barked once the first time. She might do it again. I’m more likely to listen to her, then anybody else.

Oh yeah, the Aliens that made this universe, somebody else made their universe. Apparently there’s a shitload of universes. Humans might make one someday.