If we share some DNA with all Aliens

That means if one consents to vaginal intercourse with me, she might get pregnant. So all they need is sperm or eggs to make hybrids?

Any single Aliens want to try for a baby? Just think of a smarter me, that would drive their mother insane. They also might build a rocket, and launch themselves out into space, after they get mad at their mother. Unless they modify the baby, and remove the insanity from them.

Then they’ll just be boring.

Good luck making me pay child support, if she’s an Alien. According to the government, Aliens don’t exist.

That might be evidence of God, if it’s true. How else does all intelligent life share some DNA?

Or do they only look at the DNA of Alien hybrids?

That was from the UFO show on Netflix, some guy claimed that. The UFO show that is new, came out this year. I’d watch more, but I got to shit possibly.