Will the new OLED Nintendo Switch sell out?

If so, I should buy one, and sell it on eBay, I can be a scalper or whatever it’s called as well. Or maybe just sell the box, and keep the system.

What do you need an OLED screen for? I use my 58ā€ TV.

Seems kind of pointless. Unless you play on the Switch’s tiny screen. You could buy an expensive OLED TV, and play on that.

Funny, what I was reading, said a 4k monitor looks better. My monitor claims it does 4k with the PS4. I can set my Mac mini to 4k over HDMI. Good luck reading anything @ 4k. Maybe get a real 4k monitor, that might make it look better. Or use my Linux PC, it has DPI settings for the font, and you can keep the 1440p resolution. The Mac mini is set to 2048×1152. If you set to 1280×720 like the original poster said, everything is too big, and some font is blurry.

It looks good enough, don’t know if the brand of my monitor has a real 4k one. They don’t seem to make a 4k 27ā€ monitor.