We all came from the same light?

And God is the light? The book I finished said something about that.

That doesn’t make sense, not everybody can be a God. If everybody is a God, the after world will be nuts.

Not sure everybody coming from the same light is a good thing. Does explain how everybody is connected. Now how do I leave this vessel? Oh right, you have to mediate. Good luck with that. I’ve been banned from mediating. Possibly by myself.

She also claims whatever you believe happens. If there’s any doubt, it doesn’t happen. So I could grow a vagina, if I didn’t have any doubt. I could grow 70 feet taller. You might have to ask when mediating, once again, good luck with that. I’d probably just ask for a 70 foot long dick. Just to see what happens. Then I’d ask for my old dick back. After getting arrested for not covering my 70 foot dick up, because it ripped out of my pants.

I’ll pass on asking for a 70 foot long dick. I’ll ask to be reunited with Tonka. That could go badly though, if she reincarnated, that means I’ll die, and reincarnate as somebody that will be close to her. Might have to be a baby again. Then when she dies again, I’ll ask the universe the same thing.

Or ask for a spaceship, or a working brain.

I’m banned from mediating, because I’d leave my body if I could mediate. Apparently I’m supposed to be doing something, but I have zero idea of what. I almost left my body once, but Tonka was still alive, and told me she needed me. One bark is all it took. The mediation stopped, and I fell a sleep, after calling her a good girl. That’s obvious, she knows she’s a good girl.

Apparently only insane people get such a bond with dogs.

If I agreed to be a human, I might have made a bad choice. If I had memory of anything, it would be better. I have zero memory of anything before this life.