This chapter says to keep an open mind

My mind is more open then anybody in my family at least adults. That’s why I don’t get along with anybody. I’m on my phone and can’t remember the name of the book. Look at older posts and you’ll find the name. Only around two hours of reading left.

How many people have a public journal? Including possibly highly offensive thoughts? Can’t imagine very many do.

You need an open mind for that chapter? Everything is written in stone though. You can’t tell the future if it isn’t. Or maybe you can if there’s multiple versions of yourself. How can I go to one of my other versions? There’s got to be one that isn’t single. They’ll be in for a shock when I switch with that version and they are in my sad reality.

I don’t think I’d care if I was the father of an Alien hybrid. The kid might care and want to see their dysfunctional dad. They will have to say they can’t.