Aliens In Alaska

I found that on Discovery+. The ladies in Alaska might be better looking. Well not two of them. The ones that are from tribes are the ones who might be.

Asian women can be more attractive as well. Like Asian trans women.

Or you could just look at porn, if it’s pro porn everybody should be attracted and completely fake in it. I only view the fakest of porn, or I mean last time I looked at porn. I go on no porn streaks.

Chicks with dicks might be the fakest of porn.

Can I get a job reviewing porn? Probably not a paid job. I’d give them all bad reviews for being pro porn. They’d get zero stars.

No wonder some people don’t look at porn. There’s no love involved. Or I mean that’s why some women don’t look at porn. Most men do. Unless they have no balls.

Well better watch the next episode. I got nothing better to do. That book I bought makes me sleepy. I’ll save that for later. And that book is just sharing stories told to him, so it could all be false. He might have taken the bait. The Day After Roswell is the book. I can’t figure out why it was mentioned on Earthfiles. Not very credible when the stories aren’t his. I think that’s where I heard about it.