That's how you correctly put the Amazon Echo Buds in

Look in a mirror while you put them in your ears. I can’t see what I’m doing otherwise, and if you look at how they are in my ear, before using the mirror, they are in crooked.

I did the test in the app, and it was the best it can be.

Now to decide between an almost $230 sound bar, or a $330 sound bar. The Vizio for $330 is better, it has HDMI input. Like the one I have that seems to have weird issues. I was seeing if I wanted to watch anything, sound bar turned on, like it should, but then the LEDs changed, but still appeared to be on, but no sound.

It’s possible it’s messing up because of eARC being on, I get no sound with that off, well not for the Xbox. It says it doesn’t do eARC. But it gets sound if I enable it.

I don’t really want to get a sound bar without HDMI input.

And it’s not on the HDMI Arc input when it’s messing up, the Apple TV is plugged directly into it. So eARC being on probably isn’t messing it up.

TV went black for a second in Netflix, no idea why, when I was browsing.

Hmm, no HDMI input, I might as well downgrade to optical only, I can get one for $150, the same one my mom has. Or almost $150. One site claims it’s the best sound bar for under $200. I lied the price went up to $168.