I had such a bond with Tonka and probably Buddy

The bond the lady mentions she had with another woman in the book Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders.

The bond with Tonka was strong, she always knew what I needed. If she needed to go outside, and I was sleeping, all she had to do is look at me, there was no thinking of “why is the dog waking me up by looking at me?”, I just knew.

Now if everybody is a creator of their own reality, I need to change various beliefs.

That’s good news, no Hell for me, I don’t believe in it.

I don’t think changing my beliefs will actually change anything. I can believe Tonka is still here and alive all I want, but she won’t be coming back to life. I can believe I’m dead and I’m with Tonka all I want, but I’ll probably still be alive. If I die soon, well apparently the belief system is partly true. That means I’m finally happy and with Tonka.

Don’t read that book if you are religious, there’s one sentence that’ll piss you off. If Aliens don’t piss you off.

There’s one good thing to being abducted by Aliens. You get free protection, apparently not from everything though. Can the government still kill you? Or will they just fly you out of this planet?

Now how do I signup to get abducted? Can I get a bigger penis? Isn’t that what abduction is for? Getting a bigger penis? Can I just stay on their spaceship? Having sex with a lonely female Alien?

I probably wasn’t offered the option to be an abductee before I was born. Why? Because it’s too much of a risk, I mean I’m too much of a risk. They’d have issues getting me off their spaceship. I’d be running around it butt naked. I might shit and piss all over their spaceship as well.