Haha, Aliens can't enter all dimensions

Some humans can when dying though. Is that where Heaven and Hell are? In dimensions that you can’t enter? Hmm, you might be able to enter Hell. I doubt the Evil one cares. Problem is, you might not be able to leave.

You can’t have Aliens and God? Why not? Some Gods might have been Aliens, but there’s still a God, just not the Aliens claiming to be.

You’ll never know, as you’ll probably just reincarnate forever. You’ll think this was/is your only life.

Now if I have free will at death, I can just refuse to reincarnate. I’d rather not have a body. They are a pain.

Apparently they intentionally made humans have a short lifespan, some Aliens live for 300 years or 3,000 years. And some for billions, or are those androids?

Oh and one thing in that chapter, makes no sense. I reread it a ton, and I still don’t understand it. Also the part with the DIA and Nikk person didn’t make complete sense. Is Nikk the DIA guy? Can’t be, later says Nikk is sitting on one side, and the DIA person on the other.

Can Aliens repair my brain?