Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders

No Kindle version, no thanks. I don’t need a massive amount of books, takes too much space.

Maybe a Kindle version will show up someday. I prefer to keep all my books on one small Kindle.

How do I buy the eBook?

I wouldn’t want thin facial hair like that. Mine got thicker. Like my pubes. That’s a comment to a guy asking a question in the Earthfiles live stream. Real men have pubes. And thick facial hair.

She might be getting slightly drunk.

They just showed a stud.

Now that’s some facial hair.

Is she supposed to be hot? She ain’t doing it for me. What was the question? I’m too lazy to rewind. I was typing something, so missed the question. Something about consciousness.

She just told everybody to keep “coming”. I don’t think I need to do that today.

Maybe tomorrow, the eBook will be available.

The Kindle version is available now. I bought it. Just search for it, the paperback was on my wishlist, but doesn’t show the Kindle version in the same listing, when you click show all formats.