The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention is a good book

Think I’m 38% done with the book. I have the kindle version, I forget how many hours left, maybe six. I’m a slow reader.

Hypnoses is a great tool. It’s better then a lie detector, you can plant lies into an innocent person’s head, getting a guilty verdict. What’s better then locking up innocent people that think they committed the crime?

I’m pretty sure I removed the DRM from the book, so I own it forever. If Amazon ceases to exist, I still have access to my books.

Why can’t I buy eBook versions of Linda Moulton Howe books? I’m strictly reading on a Kindle now. I finished two actual UFO/Alien books. Then I bought a Kindle, so I don’t have a massive stack of books. Might need a bigger apartment if I buy actual books.

Also, the Kindle is better, it keeps track of where you are in the book. No bookmark needed, it’s all digital. I might be able to increase the font if I wanted to as well. I can’t read on it with my glasses. I keep the glasses on, but look out the bottom.

I leave the book open on the last page, somehow it was on one page forward then the last page. Probably when flipping the cover back over the screen, it got tapped.

Oh and the Kindle doesn’t need to be charged every three days anymore. Unless you use it more often then me. When I first got it, it was dying when not using it. It should have better than three days of standby. It does now, no idea why. Think the battery is around 60%. It hasn’t been charged for a while.

I don’t think I’d read on an iPad like my mom, E Ink is better. Also, I’d probably have to charge my iPad more often if I read on it. Use the iPad for FaceTime, with who? Myself.

Her books are expensive. Is there a demo eBook made from the actual book?

The next book I’m buying is Making Contact, it came out on May 4th I think.