Switch is updated

Updated the CFW and the emuMMC firmware. The first attempt didn’t work, it got an error when loading. Deleted the Atmosphere folder, and also updated Hekate. I copied the Atmosphere from the latest version back, and didn’t copy the signature patches.

Then updated the firmware, and copied the signature patches after. It works now.

The batteries might have been dead in my controller, it eats batteries even when the controller is off. Should take the batteries out, so it doesn’t drain them when inactive for months. They are rechargeable low discharge batteries. Not a Nintendo controller. PowerA. It was slightly cheaper.

If you don’t use rechargeable batteries, it isn’t cheaper. I don’t like controllers with built in batteries, I prefer rechargeable AA batteries.

I probably still won’t play it. I’m too lazy to download game demos. And I’m too cheap to buy any games. Not to mention, I have nowhere to ship anything for a while. Ship it here, and get robbed. They stole my screen protectors. Don’t know who, they delivered to somebody else, and they kept it.

The only reason I got my medicine when it was delivered to the wrong address, is they took it to the office. So depending on who gets it, you may never see it.

Maybe the batteries weren’t dead, or only one was. I was looking in the wrong spot for the LED lights. One battery is still charging. So it killed one battery.