Nobody is shaving their crotch in the nut house

Should this go under Nut House Stories? I guess so.

They don’t give you very sharp razors, and they watch you with it. Most ladies don’t want to be watched shaving their crotch. Maybe their legs they are fine with being watched.

I could barely shave my face with the dull razor they gave me. It was a shitty shave.

Apparently they don’t want you shaving off your dick and/or clitoris.

I don’t intend on shaving my crotch ever again. No sex ever happens after shaving it. Just lies. The lie is no sex after all. She can shave it if she doesn’t like it. Or we can see how long we both can go without sex. I might win. I’ve been over a month most likely without porn. I might have masturbated once without porn. I’ve had wet dreams as well. Hopefully I don’t live with her, as that might drive us both mad. I’ll just go stay with her sister. And then I’ll play the Weird Al song, that says he slept with all of her sisters. “Are you trying to tell me something?” “Yes, I slept with one of your sisters.” “Which one?” “All of them.”