Humans might go sterile

Any ladies want to test that out? To see if I’m sterile yet?

Finally started reading a book on my Kindle. It’s only easier to read on a Kindle if I take my glasses off. With my glasses on, it’s a pain. Apparently my glasses aren’t for close screen reading.

Aliens also need us to make more of themselves. So, they became sterile somehow, and since we share some DNA with them, we get the same fate. Or it has nothing to do with DNA, maybe an act of God.

Why didn’t they tell her why we become sterile? Not like I care. That means you can have all the unprotected sex you want. It’s good for religious folks that don’t believe in condoms. Someday they won’t need em. I’m guessing STDs will go up once we become sterile though. Four out of five people will have an STD.

I finished the first chapter. Says I’m 6% done, I assume that’s what the percentage is.

Apparently Aliens like identical twins, the writer calls twins natural clones. Does that mean God doesn’t exist? Identical twins, have the same interests, among other things. They could have a different consciousness. If it’s the same one, well that’s kind of a bummer.

Aliens don’t like me, so I can’t ask them the God question. If they do like me, only when I’m sleeping.