Almost 10 hours left of my book

Didn’t notice it says the amount of time you have left on the Kindle when reading a book. I think that chapter took me over an hour.

On another note, it might be easy to get a sperm sample from me for an Alien. Just send in a female Alien.

He was laying down, but he couldn’t get an erection, he described it as his dick shrinking inside him. They finally let him sit up, and they got a sperm sample.

Hmm, those “Aliens” might be robots. So, if they get butt naked, and sit on me, they might get a sperm sample.

Robots have no gender, so that might do the trick.

Like in Fallout: New Vegas. There’s a sex robot. Oh wait, they need the sperm sample in a container. Not in a robot. They could just massage my balls. There was at least four Aliens. One can massage, while the other strokes.

Now, if I don’t give them a sperm sample, I get to see what happens if you don’t do what they want. They probably shock my anus forcing me to ejaculate.

If I get my balls removed, they won’t get a sample.

Haha, Aliens can’t figure out how to make a man hard. The first thing, is don’t be a creepy bug looking entity. Not sure the photo in the book looks like a bug to me. Looks like the grays, which some are robots. They should hire new robots. Or reprogram them. Or make them watch a how to video on getting men hard.

They didn’t even kiss me, and they took my sperm. Fucking assholes.