Why don't Aliens want my seamen?

Apparently some men get “raped” by Aliens. Not rape, if you consent. I’d consent, if I was awake. An Alien could show up while I’m awake, and request intercourse. They’d get it.

But, the kid might be hard as fuck to take care of. They might have some bad genes. Not to mention, I’ll be begging for her to take me with her, wherever she goes. Not to raise the kid, to survive the mass extinction event. Besides, the kid will be smarter than me, so I couldn’t take care of them. They’d ask their mommy “Why is daddy so stupid?”, “Because he’s a primitive human.”.

Fucking fly keeps flying by me. Would my neighbors stop letting flies in the building?

That’s a good question, why are Aliens only interested in some people? They don’t love me.