Kidnapped by Aliens

Julia’s story in Devils Den The Reckoning, is kind of depressing. They both died of cancer. She considers them getting abducted to be kidnapped by Aliens.

Two sisters. Both under 10 when it happened.

You’d think if God existed, they wouldn’t allow Aliens to do that shit. If God exists, they play a massive passive role. They don’t interfere with anything.

One of the sisters said they took her virginity. They did something down below on both of them, and it hurt.

There is an article I need to read, about an Israeli person’s revelations about Aliens. It didn’t get much media attention, not surprising, the real people in charge made sure of that. There’s a link in the book, but I can’t click it, nothing will happen if I put my finger on it.

I might of read my book for two hours, or almost two hours. I’m a slow reader.