It'll be a bummer if I reincarnate on Mars

If there’s a massive flood or some other mass extinction event, it’ll suck if I have to reincarnate. I’d rather go somewhere else, not to Mars. Wherever Tonka is.

I won’t be reincarnating on the Earth if a massive extinction event happens. Unless its way in the future after the event. And some other life form is made.

All because the US government and possibly others, keep secret knowledge, like clean energy to themselves. They could have prevented global warming, but instead they kept the knowledge to themselves. Decided basically only some humans, most likely assholes, will survive.

Now, if Aliens do something, more people could be saved. The secret government can do their thing, and the Aliens can decide to evacuate a huge amount of people and animals.

Probably not though. If the human race only cares about some humans, then they all will probably eventually be gone. That’s why they have Alien human hybrids. Eventually, the hybrids will be the only thing left of humans. The governments like war, and attacking Alien civilizations, won’t result in the continue of the human race.

What Alien species is going to help humans if we start attacking other civilizations? Probably not very many. So our extinction, is because assholes have power. Your species exists longer without war.