I found Terry Lovelace's camping spot he talks about in Devils Den The Reckoning

You need to enter the coordinates in Google Earth.

He claims the coordinates are his property, so linking to that might be illegal. I’d recommend sending a DMCA to Google, so they can remove it from Google Earth.

The web Google Earth might work better in Firefox. Some lag in Safari.

Why do they mow that? Oh wait, maybe that’s where US military personnel get picked up by the craft. Apparently they don’t want to use the White House lawn. There’s proof that he went camping, the camping site exists.

If you follow the road, you’ll find some buildings, not too far.

I didn’t actually find it, just entered the coordinates in Google Earth, I forgot who he said found the coordinates originally. You can find the coordinates in his book, Devils Den The Reckoning, I already read the first book.

It’s bizarre that spot, in the middle of the forest, all mowed down.

The government is hiding lots of stuff, there’s a reason they mow it. Might have something to do with the entities in the craft Terry Lovelace and Toby were in. Nothing like getting sold out to Aliens, by somebody in the government. We might get tech, and they get to abduct humans. Not a very good deal.

You can tell that image is from Google, if you look at the bottom, not from the book, they probably got it from Google. Do they pay a commission to the satellite people to include that image in their book?

I was going to install Google Earth on my Mac mini, but then remembered Chrome for macOS is bundled with some suspicious. I’d rather have no Google stuff on my Mac. It’s also Intel only currently. Funny that Firefox works better for the web Google Earth. Firefox on this Mac mini sucks for everything else. Slow loading of everything. Except Google Earth.

Apple Maps

The coordinates from the book will get you close to it, but not exact. And Apple Maps might look worse.