I don't think a religious person would date me

The UFO/Aliens category is one reason. If she caught me looking at trans porn, she’d probably dump me. More like jerking to trans porn.

Religious people tend to be transphobic, homophobic, probably a bunch of other phobias as well. Those are just the two I can think of.

I don’t know what my religious view is anymore. You’ll have that problem after reading Devils Den The Reckoning, and the first book. Not done reading it, they put a bunch of stories they got from email in it. I was thinking about emailing my story fantasy to him.

How can Aliens modify us at the quantum level? That’s where consciousness is. Well, they said it could be at that level that she was modified at, could just be cellular.

Well, Aliens were mentioned, so I put it in the right category.

Maybe I should try playing Fallout 76, it should run at higher FPS on the Xbox Series S now. The case might come early, so I could wait for that, and play it the PC version. I had to start over on the Xbox, so don’t have much drive to play it. Microsoft should let me transfer my character. Or let me access the same character on both platforms. Microsoft bought Bethesda, if you’ve been living under a rock.

Maybe God is just love. But how come Aliens are allowed to scar humans for life possibly for eternity? Some book or bible or something, says humans forget, and God forgives. So with any luck, you’ll forget about the scarring. You might just reincarnate for eternity though, which is a bummer.

At least love exists, so God might actually exist. But your God flying around on chariots of fire doesn’t, why would anybody fly around on chariots of fire? You probably want to be enclosed when flying. Unless you don’t mind falling off and becoming a pancake. And why would God need to fly anything to get anywhere?

It’s not cheating, if she has a dick, and whoever you are dating doesn’t. What if they are intersex? Well, then it’s not cheating, if they don’t have both. Also, if you aren’t technically dating, nothing is cheating. You can get laid without dating. Just tell her, “You never asked me out, and I never asked you out, therefore it’s not cheating”.

Can Aliens make me intersex? If I ever see one and I’m conscious, I’ll ask. I’ll become a famous pornstar after the transition. It’ll always be my Peter, and my cooch, and my anus, don’t forget the balls. What do you do with the Peter? You put it in your own cooch. I’ll wear a hat that says “Make my cooch great again”.

For some reason, I don’t think Aliens will make me intersex. Somebody said Aliens might watch human lives, as a form of entertainment. Isn’t an intersex fucking themselves entertaining? The doctor will keep telling me to stop having intercourse with myself and getting pregnant. Or to at least use a condom. I’m not fit to be a parent, so they’ll have to adopt them to somebody. I’ll stop once I get to 6969.

I’ll specifically ask to be a FF(fully functional) intersex.