How does it feel to be an experiment?

The lady from Earthfiles, said the Earth might be a laboratory. They care more about the Earth, than us. So us destroying the Earth, could be the extinction of the human race.

That’s why they don’t want us to use nukes. They want the Earth. What about global warming? That will make it unlivable. At least for humans. Maybe that’s why there might be another great flood. The Earth protecting itself.

Do their mountain bases survive great floods? And underground bases? The US has underground bases as well. Maybe that’s why the US went underground. Sucks for me, I’m not in the military. And I don’t think everybody in the military will be underground, or even know about it. Just like with UFOs and Aliens. Only select people get to know.

The military picked nice people to survive, in the event of a great flood or anything else. You and me most likely will die.