How did she agree to give up her fetuses?

That’s a good question. She only had one baby. The second and third fetus, somehow left her body. She was pregnant, based on the tests, and what her body felt like to her.

Nobody had an explanation about where the fetus went.

She had a dream after the last time I think, that said she agreed to give up her fetuses.

That’s one of the stories in Devils Den The Reckoning. She can’t remember any Alien contact, other than that dream. Was the being in the dream human or Alien? She could do hypnoses. Which might be a scam though, they can implant memories into your mind.

On the other hand, God and Aliens might coexist. I really should stop masturbating, I don’t want that to be the last thing I remember doing, before I die. A rear view of a cis woman did the trick though, pussy between her legs. The trans in the video wasn’t doing anything, neither were the cams. I should of waited another week. But my dick kept getting hard when thinking about sex, usually that means the sex drive is high, and needs a release.

You don’t like fat pussy? I consider balls on a trans woman, fat as well. I don’t see balls as a male component. The dick can be a large clit. Until she penetrates you with it, then you are wishing you’ve never looked at trans porn.

Not to mention, I might not consider myself human. I don’t consider myself anything. Just trapped in a dying body. That I seem to be killing, by not doing anything. No exercising, no self control when it comes to eating.

The story that says she saw her guardians, might be a lie. Either that, or way more lucky then the majority of people. And if my guardians showed themselves to me, their job would be much harder. He said that story sounded more paranormal than Alien.

How can my guardians show themselves to me, and actually leave or go back into the shadows? I got a lot of questions, and one demand. The demand is to be where Tonka is. At least, everybody will just think I’ve became more insane. If they ever see me again. I might be talking to them for 3+ days straight. They might tell me to eat and drink, but I’ll still be asking questions.

I’ll think of twenty more questions after they answer each one.

They’ll take me out on a stretcher, possibly not seeing who I’m talking to. They might go in the shadows as soon as the paramedics arrive. If they say you are insane for talking to your guardians for 3+ days, say to them “So you don’t believe in God?”.

If I was psychic, I’d be talking to Tonka. Can you talk to anybody if you are psychic? Including animals? They might not talk back, but can they hear you? It would look like I’m day dreaming all hours while awake, if I was psychic.

How did they keep the fetus alive after removing from the mother?