Devils Den The Reckoning has erotica

Somebody got a possible Alien pregnant, one of the stories in his book. They sprayed him with something, then he got aroused, and a beautiful woman came in the room.

He knows, because he meets the baby. Supposedly he’ll see his child again someday. Not sure what his wife thinks of it.

Does that spray work if you aren’t straight? It’ll need to keep you aroused, when having intercourse.

Hmm, if they want me to get an Alien pregnant, they’ll probably send in an intersex being. The jokes on me. Or on them, if they aren’t fully functional. I’ll be watching instead. I’ll think “Why not put your own penis in your vagina?”. She might threaten anal intercourse if I don’t obey. Not like that would accomplish anything. It can’t be that bad, it might be for whoever’s table it is though.

The next story might be about sex with a woman that had a computer monitor for their head. That might be hotter then intersex. A sex robot.

This isn’t supposed to be erotica? Tell that to my dick.