Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Should have watched that before reading Terry Lovelace’s books.

He might have been abducted by the US government, not Aliens.

That wouldn’t explain Betty though. Or the thing in his leg.

That guy might not be entirely right, some Aliens might be bad. They are just making contact with non hostile Aliens.

According to that guy, you never die though.

It’s interesting how I’m not supposed to get mad if people are being loud while I watch something, but if she and her fantastic ex are watching a movie, and I make noise, she gets mad. It’s alright if it only affects me.

Don’t think she understands what it said, you most likely are still in a human body, just two places at once. So, you can leave the human body with the part that’s trapped in it. She says you can’t leave your body because you aren’t in it. Then my human body shouldn’t be alive in her view. It sure felt like I was about to leave my body once. Not my fault she’s never mediated and experienced anything.

Maybe it should be called leaving this Earth, the feeling I felt once. If I wasn’t about to leave my body, or whatever you want to say I was leaving, Tonka wouldn’t of barked at me once, to remind me she’s here. The entire mediation process stopped after she barked once.

If I could still mediate, I’d do it again. I might not be stopped if I did it again. So if I die before I’m old, and the medical examiner doesn’t know why, it was most likely from mediating, and not leaving my body since I’m not in it.

If I’m not in this body, I should be able to go through walls. And go to different planets. She misunderstood what they said. Or took it as meaning only one thing.

I missed some of it, because people like being loud at her house. I shouldn’t feel pain either, if what she thinks they meant is the case.

That’s not a bad idea, attempt to mediate all hours of the day, until it works again. Then go somewhere else, and not have to interact with the people still trapped her anymore.

I thought he had books about consciousness. All I see is UFOs and stuff.

Haha, somebody who’s never mediated watching it, will take what they say completely different, then somebody that has mediated.