This book is legal?

The US government is working with Aliens, they got folks in flight suits on motherships. I wouldn’t advise reading Incident At Devils Den by Terry Lovelace.

I think I’m on the last chapter, it’s after 9 PM, so it gets to wait till tomorrow.

Insect like Aliens, isn’t that nice? Can’t spell the word, but the things they put fish in, they got lizard like creatures in em.

They have a machine they put on your genitals to extract semen. Does it extract blood as well? They didn’t say how that was done.

If you keep some control while being hypnotized, you won’t forget all the memories they bring back. Hence, the reason the book should be illegal. The US government isn’t your friend.

There’s a city on the moon.

They don’t knock you out when in the spaceship getting medical procedures done. They get annoyed if you scream. Nothing like getting your chest cut open without any drugs. And the US government is fine with it.

That might be about all I remember from the Hypnosis chapter. I’ll probably remember more bits tomorrow. I can always re-read it, not sure I want to though. It’s kind of disturbing.

Why would any government sell the human population to Aliens? We don’t need spaceships. No need to go into space until we stop killing ourselves.

You’d think that if God exists, they’d do something about the Aliens. Or did the Aliens somehow get too powerful? Oh wait, a select few humans, agreed to Alien abductions. Nothing for God to do anything about, we brought it upon ourselves.

Why do they need to cut humans open? They can travel space, so they can use some x-ray type machines.

Can I get the drug they gave Terry? I’ll use it for mediating. Then I’ll leave my body. And go wherever Tonka is. Oh right, according to the US, that drug doesn’t exist.

Reading books makes me sleepy. Probably the poor lighting. Not sure I want to read the second book now.