The US government might kill Terry Lovelace

For writing two books about his Alien encounters.

You know that validates everything he said right? That’s how I look at it.

I’ll buy the second book eventually. I may or may not read it, I just want a copy.

They removed some of what they put in his leg. Some tiny wires left, and some round thing under his knee is left. At least in 2018.

Betty came to warn him, that her hosts, and the US government, doesn’t want him to disclose certain stuff.

Why not? Discrediting me would be easy, since I’m insane. He’s a lawyer, or was a lawyer. Why should everyone remain silent on this subject?

And what are they doing with the rocks they collect on the moon?

I think I have only one chapter left.

Damn, might need to shit again already. This will be the third one. That was a nasty dump, lots of residue after. Looked like diarrhea, except it was all over my anus. Felt like some solids came out, something felt hard. Maybe it wasn’t digested, like if you swallow a coin.

Finished the book. It can’t be that hard to stay over 150 pounds. Just eat as much as me. If that doesn’t work, you are damn lucky. They need to figure out how he lost a bunch of weight in two years without trying. Then they can do the treatment on me, since I won’t be losing weight any other way.

If I couldn’t keep my weight over 150 pounds, with as much as I eat, I’d probably die. As, I don’t have enough money to eat more than I do.

I should open a UFO/Alien forum, on Tor. Allow the public internet to read it, but only allow registering and posting, and logging in, on the onion site. That’s to protect people. From the government who might want to kill them, for telling their story.

Good news, I’m far too lazy to do so.

He claims the government will never give disclosure, that might be true.