That's a horrible camping trip

In the Incident At Devils Den by Terry Lovelace. Toby apparently died on the streets of Flint, Michigan. I guess he lost his wife before he ended up on the streets.

Both got reassigned. Terry basically did nothing productive, he painted wood, and then sanded it down to wood again. Did he have to repaint it after that?

The OSI agent didn’t believe he didn’t take photos. So kept asking for the exposed film. The only thing important to the US government, is keeping the Alien/UFO knowledge hidden from the public. They even gave him some medicine that was making him forget stuff. He stopped taking it, and flushed three down the toilet every meal.

The medicine came from a different base. They ordered him to take it three times a day. If he took it all, he might have forget a bunch of stuff. The next chapter is Hypnoses, which drugs can’t do anything to prevent. That is, you can access any memory from hypnoses. You can get memories implanted as well.

That’s why I won’t do hypnoses. They might give me new memories I don’t want.

They probably weren’t planning on his two books being written.

How far will the US go to keep their secret knowledge?

How do you mathematically get the numbers of days a previous post has been made? Probably need to convert the post date into time, and then convert how many days you want into time. Then compare it. Or something.

$pdate = time...;
$older = time...;
if ($pdate > $older) {
  require payment;

You’ll have to figure out the time stuff, I’m too lazy. If I did it, there’d be no way to make a payment. If you could make a payment, it would be by cryptocurrency, you can’t dispute that and get your money back. Almost all programming languages have some kind of time function, and ability to convert between different formats.

Might be hard to compare “February 22, 2021” to 90 days ago. If you convert to a timestamp, it’s easier. You need 90 days ago in a timestamp though. How do you get 90 days ago in a timestamp?

This could help. How do you do it in reverse instead of next week? Oh, change the + to a – maybe.

That’s why you need to know math to program.

$old = time() - (90 * 24 * 60 * 60);
echo date('Y-m-d', $old);

Now to look at a calendar. Now to search DuckDuckGo for 90 days ago, I’m too fucking lazy to count. But it might be wrong. Nope, it’s right. Apparently you need 24 hours, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds in the calculation. There is 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and sixty seconds in a minute, don’t ask me how that relates to 90 days though, my brain is damaged.

That’s a nifty function. I have PHP installed on my desktop, so I used SSH, and edited test.php with nano, and put the above code in it.

Don’t ask me if you can install PHP on an M1 Mac mini. I’m too lazy to look it up.

Now to go take a lovely dump. Maybe I’ll take a photo, and share it. If it’s legal, my host won’t do shit. Posting pictures of shit is questionable territory, so I’ll pass.