Terry Lovelace can back up his story

He has x-ray images, showing something in his thigh, and x-ray images showing it removed. Not to mention the images of bruising on his thigh after it was removed.

No human on this planet removed whatever was in his leg. If you want to ask every surgeon, go right ahead.

If that’s true in his book, well the rest might be true as well. There’s still a little wire or two in his leg.

They removed it, because they didn’t want the human race to get it and study it. So if the US government killed him, they might try and recover whatever was in his thigh. Possibly tech that humans shouldn’t have. At least not yet.

The images at the end of the book, are also on his website.

Damn, his bruise images aren’t on there. I wanted a higher quality image than the ones in the book. Of the bruises, since it was taken in 2000 something, I think. The camera tech is better. Possibly 2017 or 2018. The images in the book kind of suck.

The worst part of the book, is how so many people were on that ship. Screaming, in agony. They don’t use drugs when they do medical procedures on them. Yet they do something so they forget, you can get the memory back by hypnoses. How about doing it while they sleep? And giving them a drug so they don’t feel anything or wake up. They don’t show any compassion.

How do humans treat wild animals they tag? If it’s the same, no drugs for medical procedures, then I take back what I said, we deserve the agony.