Incident at Devils Den, a true story by Terry Lovelace

My book came today, didn’t start reading it yet. Probably not good to read in bed, it might mess up your dreams.

Once you buy one Alien related book, you might be buying more. If I ever move, I should get a library, and put all Alien related books in it. Then when people that somehow think we are alone in the massive universe see my library, they’ll throw a fit maybe. They might burn my library down. Or they’ll be like Trump supporters, and say it isn’t true, Trump supporters say reality isn’t true.

Ask a non believer “So people just like making up horrible stories that happened to themselves?”.

If a republican is saying universal health care doesn’t work, because it isn’t perfect in Canada, say we shouldn’t have a government, as nothing is “perfect”. Wish I thought of that when talking to my republican ex counselor, he retired. He wouldn’t have been talking to me, if the government wasn’t paying for my health care. Damn, I could have asked him “So I shouldn’t take my medicine either?”, as no government health care, would be no drugs for me. I’m not paying a huge amount of money for them. I’d live in the nut house, most likely, if the government refused to pay for my drugs. Yet, they shouldn’t be paying for that either, so I’d just be in a bed somewhere sleeping.

Now to start reading my book. I have an hour till Channels DVR is done flagging commercials in a show, possibly under an hour. Ancient Aliens is recording, that won’t be ready till 9 PM.