How can you lock certain thoughts in your mind up in its own compartment?

When Terry Lovelace was communicating with Betty, she said he already knows how to keep some thoughts private. He kept all the horrible thoughts locked away in a compartment.

Almost all my thoughts are locked away from me. I don’t intentionally do it though. That’s because when I was in middle school, I kept getting uncontrollable sexual thoughts. I said the thoughts were gay, even though they weren’t. Ever sense, I’ve had almost no automatic or that I’m aware of thoughts.

It’s hard work intentionally thinking.

Don’t tell a doctor that, they’ll just say you are insane, or a liar, as it’s not possible. You can’t really explain much if your brain is malfunctioning.

Hmm, guess telepathic might not be that bad for me. They’d keep asking me a question, and it would take 15 minutes for me to reply to them.

If you have a problem nobody else has had, a doctor won’t do any good. How do I turn on the automatic thoughts? I can sit in silence, and I won’t be aware of any thoughts.

Oh right, you have to sleep to get automated thoughts. So if I sleep 24/7, I’ll have automatic thoughts.

I told my ex counselor that, and he gave me a paper saying thoughts are automatic. The only automatic thoughts are if somebody is attractive. So no, not all thoughts are automatic. His PHD is useless. I’m not aware of any thought when I wipe my ass. I might act strictly on compulsions.

There could be thoughts, I’m just not aware of the majority of them. Go tell somebody with a PHD that, it’s a waste of time.

What about a brain doctor? You probably need a referral.